Prep school mentors guiding younger students is founded on the premise that younger students can benefit from the guidance of older students who have traveled the path that younger students are about to embark upon.  The intent of this program is not only to appease the anxiety that typically confronts most students but also to provide the guidance that is typically available to only a few such students.  Just as a well informed parent or older sibling can be a priceless advisor to a young student, so a well informed prep school student can be a priceless advisor to a young student otherwise without such guidance.  Thinking back upon how they felt when they were young students about to choose where they would go to high school and what concerns mattered most to them at the time, prep mentors know what guidance they were looking to receive and are eager to advise students who are really just manifestations of themselves.  Prep mentors are eager to help their younger counterparts succeed, bridging the gap between elementary or middle school and high school, helping them academically, socially, emotionally, and more.  Prep Mentors already has programs in place at select feeder schools, but if you would like mentors for either your child or your school, please respond through the portal below, and we will be happy to respond to your request.